A NON-material amendment has been made to a planning application which would see The Recreation Ground on Weston's Sunnyside Road transformed.

The application was validated this week (January 2, 2024).

The application reads: "Non material amendment to application 21/P/3368/OUT (Hybrid application comprising an Outline planning application, with all matters reserved, aside from access, for demolition and mixed-use redevelopment comprising residential dwellings (Class C3), and flexible Class E uses along with associated infrastructure and works, including landscaping, servicing, parking and new accesses.

"Full planning application for the development (and associated demolition) for Block A comprising offices (Class E), medical services (Class E), including a new GP surgery, and Block F comprising a clubhouse (Class E) and changing facilities, along with associated infrastructure and works including landscaping, servicing, parking, new accesses, and a new access road.

"The addition of a CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) facility to Block A with additional and amended fenestration to the east and north elevations in the single storey extension area to the east side of the building, minor alteration to the entrance roof width, minor building position changes on site (less than a metre), re-arrangement of car parking bay positions and amended transformer positions on The Recreation Ground Sunnyside Road."

Here are some of the other applications submitted this week, starting from Monday, January 1.


T1 - Eucalyptus, reduce crown by up to 2m on 20 Charlton Road.

T1 and T2 - Sycamore, pollard to previous points on 88 Merton Drive.

G1 - Holm Oak and Holly reduce by up to 1m, G2 - Holm Oak and Cotoneaster c/h to 2.5m. T1- Holm oak C/R by up to 2m - decay at base of stem on Eddington Court 30 Beach Road.

T1 - Syc fell. G1 - Conifer branches etc, cut back to boundary on 24 Coombe Road.

T1 - Ash, reduce crown by up to 1.5m. T2 - Oak, cut back to boundary and around BT cables by 1m. T3 - Ash, reduce crown by up to 1.5m on 81-83 Bristol Road Lower.

Leyland Cypress -Fell, Monterey Cypress -Fell on 10 Royal Crescent.

Proposed erection of a replacement Porch and removal of 1no. window to be replaced with Bifold doors to the South elevation. New lower level decking to the front of the dwelling and new balustrading/guard railings to be installed at the edge of the existing retaining wall on 25 Spring Hill.


Holm Oak (2) - Pollard main trunk to be 2.6 meters above ground after pollarding on 85 West Hill.

Minor material amendment to application 23/P/1754/FUH (Proposed reconstruction and alteration of existing roof to facilitate raise in ridge height, relocation of existing velux window, Installation of 1no. new velux window and creation of flat roof dormer at the West elevation with subsequent loft conversion.) to allow for the installation of 3no. Velux windows, 2no. to the front elevation and 1no. to the rear elevation and addition of integrated solar panels to the rear elevation on 75 Nore Road.

Proposed erection of a canopy porch to the North-West elevation and a pergola over existing terrace. Replacement of existing steel balustrade with glass replacements and the installation of 3no. rooflights to the South elevation on La Rosa Lake Road. 


Proposed erection of a rear single storey kitchen extension and French doors to the front elevation on 22 Westfield Road.

Removal of Ash trees affected with Ash Dieback and removal of a dead apple tree, Pruning of Hazel tree on White Lodge 16 - 18 Castle Hill.


Horse Chestnut T1 - A) Lowest limb to the west- prune to remove two secondary branches heading in a northerly direction, B) Lowest limb to the east- prune back tertiary branches to provide 5.5 m clearance over the surface level of the access drive on White Oak House Youngwood Lane.


Proposed demolition of existing outbuildings and erection of 1no. new dwelling to the rear of the existing dwelling on 40 Ham Green.


T1: Reduce beech tree by 1.5m and maintain the shape on 36 Manor Gardens.


G1: Beech trees. reduce side by 1m over the garden of number 14 on 14 The Old Water Gardens.


 Minor material amendment to planning permission 22/P/0079/FUL (conversion and extension of existing barn (Sui gerneris use) to create 1no. dwelling (Use Class C3)) to allow for amendments to approved scheme; change to roofing material, provision of extended link structure, creation of mezzanine floor, increasing size of attic store, changes to site layout (refer to covering letter for detailed changes) on Ruslin Farm Rusling Lane.


Proposed conversion of 1no. dwelling into 2no. Semi-detached cottages. Works to include; Demolition of existing rear and side extensions, raising of ridge height of proposed new cottage to match existing building and fenestration alterations at all alterations including the removal, replacement and installation of windows/doors on Sloughpitt Farm Sandford Road.

Abbots Leigh

T1 - 19 Ash trees with Die Back disease that have been identified as a hazard in high use areas of a woodland that is used by children for educational purposes.
The woodland area was inspected by Holroyd tree and Garden services and 17 trees were identified as being a potential hazard to the service users of the Bristol Forest School. Trees are to be felled carefully to ground level and retained on site. Care is to be taken not to damage any of the other trees in the TPO'ed woodland on Freeway Trust Leigh Court Activity Centre Pill Road.


T1 - Quercus Robur - Crown reduce South side of tree overhanging rear garden of 27 Green pastures Rd by 1m on 27 Green Pastures Road.

Leigh Woods

Installation of new hanger lighting scheme and associated cabling in addition to approved illumination scheme (under applications 22/P/2058/FUL and 22/P/2059/LBC) on Clifton Suspension Bridge Bridge Road.