MCDONALD'S could be coming to Nailsea, a new planning application shows.

Advertisement consent is being sought for the installation of two internally illuminated fascia signs and one internally illuminated projecting sign at units 21 and 22 in Somerset Square Crown Glass Shopping Centre.

As seen on the planning application, which was validated on December 19, this includes the distinctive yellow McDonald's sign.

Nailsea residents have had mixed reactions to the news. Commenting on North Somerset Council's planning portal, one local said: "I would prefer we didn't have another fast food outfit in Nailsea with the associated poor nutrition and litter.

"I would prefer a restaurant or shop, particularly a clothes/show/non-food shop due to lack of current retailers, or a restaurant selling fresh food."

Another added: "Having this organisation in this area will only draw young people to hang out in the area, who already make a nuisance with noise and litter."

According to one person, this would be an "awful move" for Nailsea. They said: "This will be an awful move for Nailsea. The amount of anti social behaviour will increase, adding to the cars already racing around Nailsea roads nightly, drinking smoking and littering across the town car parks.

"It sends the wrong message to the town, particularly young people."

However, some people believe that this could be a good thing for the town. Speaking in support, one resident said: "There are so many empty shops in Nailsea, this will be a great draw and hopefully lead to the other empty shops filling.

"It will also help save emissions from people driving to Portishead just to get a McDonald's."

Echoing this sentiment, another said: "Thank goodness for no charity shop or coffee shop! I know people will object due to fast food and children. But hey if they want fast food they have Domino's so why not McDonald's? We need to get some new business into Nailsea, saves me driving to Portishead!"

One commenter believed that this could help benefit surrounding businesses: "It's about time we had something other than betting shops and charity shops in Nailsea. Other businesses will benefit from having them in the town."