PLANS have been submitted to convert an empty commercial unit into a one bedroom apartment in Weston.

The plans, which were validated by the council on December 14, concern 13 Orchard Street.

The application's Flood Risk Assessment, submitted by Gibson Architecture on behalf of Mr Mann, reads: "The site currently comprises a retail unit, with maisonette above. 

"The site has been identified by the EA as being at low risk of fluvial and tidal flooding, due to the presence of substantial flood defences.

"In the unlikely event of flooding the occupants would receive flood warnings and be advised to head toward flood zone 1 which is at Alexandra Parade, about 100m south of the site."

Here are some of the other plans submitted to North Somerset Council this week (from Monday, February 11).

Leigh Woods

Request to discharge condition number 10 (Construction Method Statement) on application 20/P/2223/FUL on Rownham House.

Oak (T2) - Crown lift to approx 3.5m. Lime (T3) - Crown lift secondary branching to approx 3m. Field Maple (T4) - Crown lift to first major branching at approx 3.5m. Yew (T5) - Crown lift secondary branching to approx 3m.
Yew (T6) - Crown lift secondary branching to approx 3m - to allow more light to garden. Yew (T7) - Crown lowest branch towards North. Macrocarpa (T8) - Crown lift branching over boundary wall to give 2m clearance. Oak (T9) - crown lift secondary branching from lowest limb opposite property No4. Yew (T10) - Crown lift secondary branching to approx 3m. Hornbeam (T11) - Crown lift to approx 3m on Overton Court 3 Bracken Hill.


Request to discharge condition numbers 3 (Alternative Materials), 4 (Renewable Energy), 5 (SAP Assessment) and 6 (Parking Spaces) on application 21/P/3307/FUL on 10 Seymour Close.

Ash Tree (T1) - Carry out Crown Reduction back to previous pruning points by approximately 4 metres and remove any deadwood to manage canopy on 29 Staples Close.


Request to discharge Requirement 13 - Control of invasive plants outside of Avon Gorge Woodlands SAC - Stages 1, 1A, 1B, 1C, 2, 3, 4, 4A, 4B, 5 and 6 of the Portishead Branch Line (MetroWest Phase 1) Order 2022 on Portishead Branch Line.

Ash (T3) Reduce lateral spread by 2m on the east side of the crown to clear the telegraph pole and overhead cables on National Nautical School Nore Road.

T9 Common walnut tag 949- Remove Dead Wood Over 50mm Diameter T21 Scots pine - Fell to ground level significant lean towards property with significant end weight. T34 Sycamore - Crown raise to 5.2m for vehicle access on 72 Nore Road.


Non material amendment to application 22/P/2947/FUL (Proposed demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a new replacement dwelling with landscaping alterations to the North of the site) to allow for the omission of the lower ground floor and to incorporate a garage and 5no. bicycle spaces into the new proposed design on Beechwood Cadbury Camp Lane.

Sycamore (T1) - Fell on Deerwood Cadbury Camp Lane.


Request to discharge condition number 21 (Renewable energy) on application 18/P/5234/OUT on Land Opposite Trendlewood Way.

T1 to T34 London Plane trees Pollard back to previous points on 1 - 2 Crown Glass Place.

Walnut (T1) crown reduction by up to 3mtrs, Raise crown to 3mtrs on 10 Walnut Close.


Proposed erection of a single storey extension and un-enclosed porch area to the rear of the property on 96 Devonshire Road.

Prior approval for the conversion of Ground Floor (vacant commercial use) to 1no. one bed apartment on 13 Orchard Street.


Proposed change of use of existing beauty salon to 1no. dwelling, works to include the installation of 1no. window and 1no. door to the South elevation alongside the erection of a bike store at the West elevation on Loxton Lea Sevier Road.


Proposed erection of 1no. dwelling with detached garage. Creation of hardstanding and landscaping alterations on Land East Of Hillview Greenhill Lane.


Red horse chestnut (T1) - Reduce height by 1.5m and lateral spread by 2m. Crown lift over neighbouring garden to 3.5m above ground level on 101 The Lynch.


Retrospective change of use of land to residential curtilage. Proposed erection of a detached garage building on Land To Rear Of 3 Butts Orchard.


Relocation of existing outbuilding to facilitate the proposed erection of a two storey side extension. Removal of the existing door and porch structure to the front elevation and replace with new entrance door and window with a new roof structure above door. Raising of the existing boundary walls and creating a green roof structure over the existing parking bays to extend the garden area on 2 Mill Lane.


Certificate of lawful development for the proposed stationing of a caravan to provide ancillary residential accommodation on 68 Clevedon Road.


Outline application for the erection of up to 75 dwellings and associated works, with access for approval; all other matters of appearance, layout, scale and landscaping reserved for subsequent approval on Land To The North Of Junction Of Lyefield Road And Lower Norton Lane.