AN appeal has been made to identify who is behind the recent vandalism of the wooden fencing and more at Nowhere Wood in Nailsea’s Trendlewood Park.

The Green Flag Award winning park is partly cared for by the Friends of Trendlewood Park volunteers, who dedicate their time to maintaining “the highest possible environmental standards.”

The Friends of Trendlewood Park website reads: “The Friends of Trendlewood Park (formerly known as ‘Friends of Nowhere Wood’) was established towards the end of 2011 by a group of local residents.

"The main aims of the group are to:

•    “Contribute to the protection and enhancement of the park as a variety of wildlife habitats and a recreational resource for the people of Nailsea;
•   "Raise awareness of and preserve the geology, industrial archaeology and landscape history of the park;
•   "Promote the park as urban woodland and grassland and to encourage its responsible use by members of the public.”

Posting photos of the damage on Facebook, a spokesperson from the Safer Stronger North Somerset team said: "Can you help us find who’s behind recent vandalism at Nowhere Wood in Trendlewood Park, Nailsea?

"These photos show examples of some of the recent damage caused in this beautiful Green Flag Award winning park.

"Flying the prestigious Green Flag shows that a site boasts the highest possible environmental standards, is beautifully maintained and has excellent visitor facilities.

"This is only made possible thanks to the tireless efforts of the Friends of Trendlewood Park volunteers. Take a moment to imagine how these hardworking volunteers feel when they see this vandalism.

"Wooden fencing is in place for safety reasons to guide people away from steep drops in the old quarry. We're regularly having to replace sections of this fencing as it’s repeatedly being broken by someone who is then using it to make unauthorised fires at the bottom of the old quarry.

"Not only does this cost us to repair and clean up, it also means contractors are being diverted away from other tasks.

“We’d like to speak to anyone who may know who’s responsible.

“We need your support so that, together with the police, we can take prompt and robust action against antisocial behaviour. Please say something if you see something!”

You can report incidents of antisocial behaviour by contacting police on 101.