A CLEVEDON school has been described as a "haven" for pupils by Ofsted.

On December 1-3, Ofsted inspectors visited Seven Hills school, based on Kenn Road.

The overall effectiveness of the school was rated as 'Good', up from the 'Requires Improvement' rating it was given during the last inspection.

The Ofsted report reads: "Seven Hills is a haven for its pupils.

"Pupils have complex needs linked to their social, emotional or mental health (SEMH) needs. Many come to the school following challenging experiences of education and so can be reluctant to engage.

"However, staff skilfully establish positive, trusting relationships. Pupils feel safe and understood. They re-engage with and develop a love of learning.

"Staff share high expectations. They prioritise helping pupils be ready for their future. Pupils benefit because they are helped to understand their own needs. Discriminatory behaviour is not tolerated. All pupils are treated as equals. As a result, pupils’ behaviour improves rapidly.

"The school’s curriculum has removing pupils’ barriers to learning as its foundation. Every subject has a carefully planned curriculum. Staff adapt these plans to allow pupils to study personalised programmes.

"Pupils learn increasingly well because of the tailored provision they receive. Everyone agrees Seven Hills is harmonious and a good place to be. Pupils appreciate the voice they have and their ability to contribute to their school experiences.

"Parents are very positive about the difference the school makes for their children. Many say it has transformed their children’s opportunities for the future.

"The school has a compelling rationale for its curriculum. The aim is to provide pupils with the skills to manage their own challenges, as well as secure the knowledge they need to succeed. Leaders are clear that each child needs exactly the right curriculum for them.

"Nevertheless, they have rightly focused on developing a core planned curriculum in each subject. Subject leadership is effective. Subject planning is broad and ambitious. Each subject’s planning covers the scope of the national curriculum. Staff adapt this planning effectively to allow pupils to make progress."

To improve, it was noted that the school needs to strengthen its curriculum to focus on the key knowledge it wants students to remember, as some of the planning can be overly ambitious.