Unsettled conditions and the brunt of winter are set to hit the South West this week, according to the Met Office weather forecast.

Today (November 27) had a showery start, but brighter spells are expected this afternoon. A brisk northerly wind will keep temperatures feeling chilly with a forecasted peak of 10 °C.

As night falls, largely dry conditions are anticipated, accompanied by easing winds and patchy cloud.

Coastal showers are a possibility, with a risk of frost in more rural areas, as well as the chance for milder temperatures under cloudier skies.

Tuesday ushers in cloud coverage across Somerset and Dorset, promising to clear later for a cold, largely sunny day.

A frosty Wednesday morning awaits residents, giving way to sunny but cold conditions.

However, from Thursday, an upheaval is expected with showers, spells of rain and possible hill snow.

As per the Met Office's long range forecast for the UK, which is for the period of December 1 to December 10, it's safe to say winter will definitely make its mark country-wide.

Wintry conditions, including snowfall and frost, could affect coastal areas.

The weekend and early next week could bring even colder weather, with showers likely to include rain, sleet, and snow.

A shift to milder, changeable weather is expected later next week.

For more information and a detailed breakdown of the weather, visit the Met Office website.