NOAH'S Ark Zoo Farm is raising money to purchase tracking collars to monitor the movements of wild spectacled bears.

Members from the zoo farm, based in Wraxall, attended the Bristol Bears Women vs Sale Sharks Women game at Ashton Gate Stadium on November 18 to shed light on the importance of protecting these distinctive-looking bears.

The zoo also highlighted the work of the Spectacled Bear Conservation Society Peru (SBC), which will use the collars in its latest research project.

Posting on Facebook, a spokesperson from Noah's Ark Zoo Farm said: "Join us and help protect and conserve wild bears!

"Noah's Ark is delighted to support the vital work of Spectacled Bear Conservation Society Peru.

"We are currently raising funds to purchase tracking collars for use in the SBC’s latest research project.

"The data collected through the project will help shape conservation efforts going forward."