EAGLE-eyed visitors to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm may have noticed that the Highland Cows which usually call the Farm Fields home have moved.

The zoo farm, which is also a registered charity, can be found in Wraxall.

Two of the cows, Merida and Agnes, have moved to their winter paddock, whilst Bonnie, Agnes' offspring, can still be spotted in the first field by the entrance gates.

Posting on Facebook, a spokesperson from the zoo farm said: "You may have noticed that our Highland Cows are not currently on show in the Farm Fields.

"Merida and Agnes are now in their winter paddock which is off show to visitors.

"Bonnie can be seen in the first field by our entrance gates, which is accessible by the public footpath running alongside.

"Be sure to say hi when you next visit. We will update you when they are back in the main farm fields."