NORTH Somerset Council is encouraging businesses across the region to learn more about how to create healthy work environments.

Employers will be able to do this during a Healthy Workplaces event, which will take place at Weston's Winter Gardens on Friday, November 24 from 10am until 3.30pm.

Experts will be readily available to give advice on how to create a positive environment for your employees.

In addition, the Better Health North Somerset team will be sharing information about the council’s ‘Healthy Workplaces Awards’ programme, which encourages businesses to make positive changes in the workplace.

Employers can be given advice on ways to support their employees on topics such as mental health, physical activity, stopping smoking, menopause, men’s health, musculoskeletal health, alcohol and substance use and financial wellbeing.

The event may also give businesses the chance to network and exchange ideas on ways to better support their workforces.

Bitesize workshops will illustrate what support services are on offer.

The free to attend event will come complete with lunch and refreshments. You can book your tickets on the North Somerset Council website. You are urged to contact the council's Healthy Workplaces team if you have any dietary requirements that need to be taken into consideration.

Cllr Jenna Ho Marris, North Somerset Council’s executive member for public health, said: “Lots of us spend a significant amount of our time at work which means the workplace itself plays a key role in contributing to the health and wellbeing of employees, in turn supporting the health of the organisation. Having a healthy and productive workforce should be every organisation’s ambition.

“This event is a great opportunity for all types of businesses, employers and individuals who are interested in health and wellbeing to meet, network and find out more about creating a healthy workplace.

“There’ll be a series of talks from workplace health and wellbeing experts, ‘stories of change’ from employers who are creating healthier workplaces for staff and our own Healthy Workplaces team.

"We’ll also have a marketplace of stalls as well as bitesize workshops to showcase all the expertise in health and wellbeing across North Somerset that workplaces can access. Book your ticket now to reserve your place!”