NOAH'S Ark Zoo Farm has welcomed new additions to their Education department.

Some "adorable" tenrecs now call the Wraxall zoo farm home.

The organisation, which is also a registered charity, prides itself on caring for critical or endangered wildlife and contributing to the global conservation programme.

Although they look like British hedgehogs, tenrecs can actually be found in Madagascar. According to the Natural History Museum, these mammals are endemic. In other words, this means that they aren't naturally found anywhere else in the world.

The tenrecs will feature in educational workshops at the zoo.

Posting on Facebook, a spokesperson from the zoo said: "These adorable little animals might look like British hedgehogs; however, they are actually a species from Madagascar.

"The tenrecs are the latest addition to our Education department. These animals will be featured in educational workshops, highlighting their unique adaptations and serving as ambassadors for Malagasy species."