A CAMPAIGN group has been created in Backwell to resist plans which would see the village become a small town.

The Save Our Village campaign was launched after the North Somerset Council's Executive voted to include 515 houses at Grove Farm and Burnt House Farm in their Local Plan.

The opposition group believes that this “large housing estate” not only goes against the village Neighbourhood Plan but would also change the nature of Backwell and put immense pressure on infrastructure and local services. 

The group say that this "huge and disproportionate" increase isn't necessary, considering that around 300 houses have been recently built or are going to be built in the village.

Posting on Facebook on October 18, Lorraine-Hopkinson Parker, one of the leaders of the movement, said: "This huge and disproportionate increase would see Backwell become a small town.

North Somerset Times: It is feared that the plans could have a major impact on local wildlife.It is feared that the plans could have a major impact on local wildlife. (Image: Karen Barclay)

"We know that Taylor Wimpey will not stop at 515 houses on Grove Farm and Burnt House Farm. They were very open about their intention to build more if they were granted permission at their recent event, and the number would almost certainly end up being around 700. This takes our total for Backwell to just over 1,000."

Campaigners also say that these plans go directly against the council’s pledge to stop the edges of villages being swamped with housing developments.

Lorraine is joined in leading the campaign by former Backwell district councillor, executive member of the Backwell Residents Association and vice chair of Backwell Parish Council, Karen Barclay, and the executive member of Backwell Residents Association, Barbara Harland.

North Somerset Times: The opposition group do not want the village to become a small town.The opposition group do not want the village to become a small town. (Image: Karen Barclay)

So far, 90 campaign signs have been distributed throughout the village, including a sign put up in the window of Parker's Estate Agents Sales & Lettings.

Meanwhile, the council believe that this could help them tackle the housing crisis. A spokesperson said: "Our Local Plan 2039 aims to deliver more affordable homes, create sustainable, accessible and attractive places and give more opportunities for local jobs near to where people live in North Somerset.

"It has been shaped by the response received to three phases of consultation between 2020 and 2022."

The Local Plan could also create a new stretch of Green Belt between Backwell and Nailsea. The spokesperson added: "The existing Green Belt partially separates Nailsea and Backwell but doesn’t extent to the south and west. A 155 ha extension of the Green Belt here creates a more meaningful and effective designation between the two settlements in an area which has been subject to development pressure on both sides."