A CLEVEDON couple have decorated the outside of their house with werewolves, dolls, and more in the hopes of raising £2,000 to help support a trauma charity.

Along with her family, Tamara Buhryn, who lives on Cambridge Road, has created a ghoulish masterpiece to raise money for Trauma Breakthrough.

So far, over £1,000 has been raised, half of Tamara's fundraising target. She hopes that Trick or Treaters and their families will be moved to donate to the cause tonight (October 31). A QR code is located on the gates to the house so that people can donate.

North Somerset Times: The money raised will go to charity.The money raised will go to charity. (Image: Tamara Buhryn)

Tamara explained to the North Somerset Times that Trauma Breakthrough is extremely close to her heart. She said: "I feel really passionately about mental health anyway but Trauma Breakthrough specifically caught my eye as I know from experience that our minds can be our own worst enemies when we've experienced trauma. 

"I believe real healing and working on our cognitive behaviour is essential to happiness and laying foundations for healthy and secure future relationships.

North Somerset Times: Children are in for a fright.Children are in for a fright. (Image: Tamara Buhryn)North Somerset Times: Donations are welcome.Donations are welcome. (Image: Tamara Buhryn)

"But often we don't know where to start, or what the right path is. Having support in this area can be life-changing, as I know it has been for me, and as a result of the support I received, I now feel able to spread a little healing, happiness and support where I can and enjoy every day of my life with a clearer and positive mindset. 

"Trauma Breakthrough supports victims of abuse or anyone who has endured a vast amount of suffering find their way to mental clarity again.

"People who have suffered like that do not deserve to continue to suffer because they don't know how to recover mentally. They need to be given the tools and the time."

North Somerset Times: The target amount to be raised is £2,000.The target amount to be raised is £2,000. (Image: Tamara Buhryn)North Somerset Times: Residents have been warned.Residents have been warned. (Image: Tamara Buhryn)North Somerset Times: The charity is close to Tamara's heart.The charity is close to Tamara's heart. (Image: Tamara Buhryn)

Tamara's Just Giving page reads: "Trauma Breakthrough is an amazing charity supporting people of all genders and ages regain some sort of normality after trauma. Be it sexual/physical abuse, grief, physical trauma, mental abuse, childhood abuse or having lived through something horrific.

"It's a cause really close to my heart and anything you could give would be so so appreciated.

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

"And hope you enjoy our Halloween Horror!"