A FORMER agency employee who started training for their "dream job" with DHL at Bristol Airport has said that they have suffered with depression and anxiety since being sacked.

The former employee, who was working under the agency Staffing Match Bristol, was excited to start training for their dream job as a passenger service advisor for DHL.

They formed friendships whilst undergoing agency training and hoped that, once their probationary period was over, they would be offered a permanent DHL contract.

Speaking to the North Somerset Times about their experiences, the employee said: "Finally, I arrived at my dream job as a passenger service advisor for DHL at Bristol airport!

"My excitement and passion didn’t last long. As I was spending approximately 40 hours on my feet I developed issues with my ankle resulting in my doctor referring me to a specialist. I immediately informed my managers and agency.

"Later that same week I was pulled into the office by one of the shift operation managers and with the door open for all to hear I was spoken to so badly and told I would not be offered a contract unless had no more sick days!

"I broke down in tears and tried to explain that standing on my feet constantly and not having an opportunity to sit down at all made my ankle worse. I showed her my ankle that was clearly swollen, she showed no empathy or understanding. I was told to leave the office."

Following this, the employee was involved in a car accident, which resulted in them having concussion. Their car was also completely written off, leaving them struggling financially.

It took two to three weeks for the operations manager to check on them: "My team members all called me and checked in on me - it took 2/3 weeks before our operations manager from called me to ask if I was ok!  I was told to rest and get better. 

"Within the weeks that followed without warning I was terminated. I contacted DHL and no one took my calls, all I got was a text message saying I’m sorry!

"Since then I have suffered with depression and anxiety and on medication to help me just through the day."

The employee said that they also believe that only family members working at the company are given any sort of consideration.

A spokesperson from the DHL Supply Chain said: "In the event that an employee has an absence from work, DHL supports all its colleagues to enable their return.

"We adopt our comprehensive policies and employee support packages to enable this."

Staffing Match Bristol refused to comment.