AN estate of “mansion” houses is set to be built in the green belt between two North Somerset villages.

North Somerset Council granted planning permission for developers to build 11 homes at Cambridge Batch, near Long Ashton and Flax Bourton, despite an objection from the parish council.

The plans will see the car dealership on Weston Road by the B3130 roundabout knocked down and a cul-de-sac of eight large four and five bedroom detached houses built across  what is currently its car park.

Architects Reed Holland said: “Each individual house type uses different forms and varying ridge heights to give a more organic feel to the development.

“This allows the new properties to feel both modern and simultaneously in keeping with the traditional language of the surrounding area.”

Developer Strongvox Homes also plans a short terrace of three one and two bedroom homes at the entrance to the cul-de-sac to be affordable housing.

But this move was criticised by the local parish council, who said: “Affordable housing needs to be larger and if possible moved to the other side of the entrance, as it looks out of place sitting next to ‘mansion’ size houses.”

The parish council submitted an objection to the planning application, also warning that the design of the homes “bears no sympathy to location and rural identity”. 

But planning officers at North Somerset Council said that policies and the support from other consultees outweighed the parish council’s concerns and granted planning permission for the development.

Officers said that the redevelopment of a previously developed site fulfilled the “very special circumstances” required to allow development in the green belt.