PLANS have been submitted to install a refurbished single storey detached classroom unit to the rear of the existing Learning And Community Sport @Worle Trust building.

This would be used as an educational facility for the Brandon Trust and as a training space for staff members.

Here are some of the other plans submitted to the council this week (w.c. October 9).


T - 1 Leylandi reduce by 2-3 metrs on 11A Kew Road.

T - 1 Willow remove growth on stem up to 6 mtrs on Apple Tree Farm, 35 Ebdon Road.

T - 1 Willow reduce crown by up to 2 mtrs. T - 2 Birch lift crown to 3 mtrs on 6 Neva Road.

T - 1 Poplar pollard by 4 mtrs on Eddington Court, 30 Beach Road.

T - 1 Holm Oak remove twp lower main limbs and to level the crown to make safe due to large crack on limb on 14 Wilton Gardens.

T - 1 Willow pollard by 3 mtrs on 9 Kew Road.

T1 - Beech - crown reduce 1 meter on west side and 1.5 on east side, crown lift to 4 meters over highway and 3 meters on remaining crown on 27C Gerard Road.

Request to discharge condition number 15, (samples of the walling and roofing materials) on application 21/P/1208/FUL on Plot A5 At Junction Of Beaufighter Road And Cross Road Weston Business Quarter.

Advertisement consent for 1no. externally illuminated fascia sign, 1no. non-illuminated projecting sign, 2no. digitally printed Aluminium Composite Panels (ACM), 2no. digitally printed ACM panels in aluminium frame (F/ACM), 3no. internally applied window vinyls and 4no. poster cases on 337 Locking Road.

Certificate of lawful development for the proposed removal of the existing garage door and addition of patio doors to the rear elevation on 3 Florence Mews. 

Proposed change of use of existing stables/livery yard to residential use. Proposed demolition of existing 2 storey building and stables with subsequent erection of 2no. self-contained detached dwellings on Land To The Rear Of 33 Sandford Road And 31-37 Mendip Road.

Leigh Woods

T - 1 Oak reduce crown by up to 2 mtrs and balance. Lessen the amount of overhang over neighbours hedgerow on Highstones House, Burwalls Road.


Three Leyland cypress to fell to ground level on 18 Union Street.

Ash trees - fell all around the mine shaft to enable works and replace with 10 mature saplings on White Oak Barn.


Proposed loft conversion with 2no. roof dormers to the rear elevation. Erection of single storey side/rear extension forming a small utility room and WC on 3 South Lawn Close.


Request to discharge condition numbers 5 (EV Charging) and 8 (Waste Storage) on application 23/P/0168/MMA on 3 Dundry Lane.


T - 1 Eucalyptus Crown reduction by 7-8 mtrs. T - 2 Thujopsis Multi stem - fell and remove. Tree has suffered stress and several have died. T - 3 Mulberry crown reduction to rebalance crown after storm damage on The Manor House.


G1 - Mixed Variety of Small Evergreen/Deciduous Trees and Shrubs along front boundary of the property grounds - Reduce all to approximately 1.5 metres maximum below the nearest of multiple BT wires crossing the site as part of routine maintenance on Cottage Homes Front Street.


G1 - Mixed species hedge line - reduce height to 10 feet from the ground. T1 & T2 - Cherry plum - poor specimens - fell. T3 - Ash - Ash dieback disease - pollard to 10 feet from the ground. T4 - Accacia - Growing into TPO'd cedar - fell. T5 - Ash - growing against wall - fell. T6 - Magnolia - remove deadwood and reduce remaining branches to lower crown, approx 2.5 meters on Somerlea House.


Proposed demolition of existing rear conservatory and erection of a two storey rear extension in place on 45 Ash Grove.

Minor material amendment to permission 19/P/2396/RM (Reserved matters application for the erection of an agricultural workers dwelling pursuant to outline application 19/P/0294/OUT) to allow changes to the approved plans including changes to and new rooflights, new window to East elevation at second floor level and revised design to chimney and porch (retrospective) on Home Ground Farm Yeo.


Request to discharge condition number 5 (Wild Birds) on application 23/P/0424/FUH on 37 Farleigh Road.

Non-material amendment to application 18/P/4855/FUH (Demolition of garage and outbuilding; erection to two storey extension to side and rear) to allow for the installation of 2no. windows at the South-West elevation on 28 Oakleigh Close.

Long Ashton

T - 2 Cherry fell. Space required for an artificial bat roost required by for building development. T - 1 Sycamore Remove low secondary stem on the N/E side on Dormer Cottage.

T - 1 Box crown reduction by 1 mtre. Crwon lift to 2 mtrs and prune cear of outbuildings by 0.5 mtre. T - 2 Plum crown reduction by 1.5 mtrs. T - 4 Magnolia reduce to north side of tree by 1 - 1.5 mtrs back to boundry. T - 6 Copper Plum remove lowest branch on southern side that overhangs the extension on 153 Long Ashton Road.

T - 1 Beech crown reduction by 1.5 mtrs. T - 2 Sycamore crown reduction by 3 mtrs in height and 1 mtre laterally on 98 Long Ashton Road.

T - 1 Willow re pollard by 4 mtrs back to previous pollard points. T - 2 Ash fell die back. T - 3 Copper plum crown reduction by 1.5 mtrs on Yanley House.

T - 1 Liquid Amber fell dead tree on 4 Lodge Drive.


T - 2 Elm fell dead tree. T - 6 Ash crown lift to 2.5 mtrs over pavement on National Nautical School.


Remove a dead hawthorn tree that partially collapsed into nearby trees and is overhanging the rear garden of 5 Briar Mead. In addition clear over hanging branches up to 2.5 metres from ground level that are overhanging the fence line to allow the installation of a new boundary fence and to protect the roof of the garden shed that sits underneath the trees as the felt is being ripped and damaged on 5 Briar Mead.


The erection of gates with brick pillars and 2no. sections of associated close boarded timber fencing (retrospective) on Land To North Of Strawberry Stables.


Proposed erection of a first floor side extension on 21 Stanshalls Lane.


 Outline planning permission for the erection of 3no. detached dwellings with access for approval; with appearance, landscaping, layout and scale reserved for subsequent approval on Land Known As The Paddock East Of Rockville Bridge Road.