A NEW film, scripted and edited by two Clevedon residents, has been released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Concorde’s last flight on November 26, 2023.

The film, called Concorde – First To Last, was made by ten members of the Bristol Aero Collection Trust. Sir George White, the great grandson of the Bristol Aeroplane Company’s founder, played a big role in making the film a reality.

The script was written by Peter Gibbs, a former air correspondent and assistant editor of the Western Daily Press, who has lived in Clevedon since 1968, and edited by Ken Wheeler, who is also based in the town.

The Aerospace Bristol website highlights Concorde – First To Last: “Welcome to the definitive film about Concorde, the Western World's first and only supersonic airliner - the most recognisable aircraft ever to grace the sky. 

“At 3 hours 50 minutes, explore Concorde's archive footage, with first-hand accounts from the shop floor, insights from the engineers and pilots’ stories, both from those that tested the 188, 221 and prototype aircraft and those who later flew her commercially.”

Rare footage documents the history of the aircraft, which first took to the sky in 1969. 

Also shown is British Aircraft Corporation chief test pilot Godfrey Auty and his successor Brian Trubshaw, who talks through Concorde 002’s historic maiden flight from Filton to Fairford, Gloucestershire, and a landing that required all his skill to accomplish.

North Somerset Times: BAC chief test pilot Brian Trubshaw on Concorde flight deck.BAC chief test pilot Brian Trubshaw on Concorde flight deck. (Image: Peter Gibbs)The film, which has a run time of 150 minutes, also goes behind the scenes in the Filton and Patchway factories. The designers of the airframe and the engine reveal their secrets to the trade.

You can also watch a journey with British Airways from Heathrow to New York on the flight deck of Concorde Alpha Foxtrot.

Finally, British Airways chief pilot Les Brodie shares his emotions as he piloted the Concorde’s last ever flight.

North Somerset Times: British Airways chief pilot Les Brodie.British Airways chief pilot Les Brodie. (Image: Peter Gibbs)

The film is complete with 90 minutes of bonus extras, including Concorde Around The World and a flight deck tour of Concorde Alpha Charlie.

For those wanting to purchase the film on DVD, they can do so for £14.95 from the Aerospace Bristol online shop. Click HERE.

For those without a DVD player, an HD stream version can be ordered for the same price by contacting Peter Gibbs – peter.gibbs2@sky.com.