TEAM members from Clevedon Coastguard have been called out to back up their Weston colleagues after a man was seen "shouting for help" far out in the mud on Sand Bay.

The incident took place yesterday (Monday, September 11, 2023).

A "good intent" call was made after the man, who appeared to be in difficulty, was spotted.

Posting on Facebook, a spokesperson from  the Clevedon Coastguard Rescue team said: "Our team from Clevedon were tasked yesterday to backup our colleagues from Weston-super-Mare after a 999 call activated an emergency coastal response.

"The call was with good intent after reporting that a male was seen far out in the mud on Sand Bay, shouting for help and appeared to be in difficulty.

"Fortunately on arrival to the scene, a member of public had stated the male had managed to self recover from the mud with assistance.

"The casualty was safe and well and required no medical treatment from our crews."