STAFF members at Winash Residential Home in Clevedon got the chance to step into their residents' shoes this week.

Workers took turns to try out an Empathy Suit, which mimicked Parkinsonian tremors, arthritis, tinnitus, impaired vision, heaviness and more.

It was hoped that, by experiencing some of the conditions associated with old age and dementia, the team would be able to empathise with their residents and understand some of their daily struggles.

This training was led by Alive Activities, a charity which is dedicated to improving the life of older people and their carers.

A care staff member said: "This is the best training I've ever had!"

Nicola, Alive's training and delivery manager, said: "I think this training is so important for anybody working with older people in any context.

"It's a real eye-opener, an emotional experience. It's something that's going to stay with me, personally, for a while."