ADVERTISEMENT consent has been submitted to put up an internally illuminated fascia sign at 3B Gallagher Retail Park.

Documents attached to the planning application show drawings of Domino's signage on the current Office Outlet store on Marchfields Way.

Here's some of the other plans submitted this week (from Monday, September 4).


Proposed erection of a two storey front extension, single storey rear/side extension and first floor rear extension including the installation of 3no. roof lights. Installation of automatic gates at the west boundary at 50 Engine Lane.

Proposed erection of a single storey annexe attached to existing detached garage at 4 Hazelbury Road. 


Request to discharge condition numbers 5 (Arboricultural Method Statement), 9 (Surface Water Drainage Details) and 13 (Construction Method Statement) on application 21/P/2544/FUL on 10 St Marys Road.

Leyland Cypress & Laurel - Reduce height by 3m down to old points. Hazel Reduce height by 2-2.5m. Cypress Reduce height by 3m on The Watch House, 70A Nore Road.

Proposed creation of a first floor including creation of a flat-roof dormer at the North Elevation, placement of Solar tile system and installation of 2 no. rooflights in existing roofing. Alterations to Fenestration and front landscaping and installation of a wood burner with external flue on 12 Wood Hill Park. 


Removal of conditions 6 (10% energy generation) and 7 (BREEAM standard) from permission 23/P/1247/FUL (Erection of a roofed structure over existing yard between the East and West barns) on Land Farm, Puxton Road.


Proposed alterations to existing rear dormer and installation of 3no. rooflights. Alteration to front facade including; alterations and replacement of front door and placement of cladding at the north-west elevation on 9 Felton Street.


T - 1 Beech remove to ground level due to Kretzschmaria deusta on Chesterby House, 1 Brockley Hall.

Conversion of part of existing stable building to provide incidental residential accommodation to The Grain Barn; Change of use of  agricultural land to use as extended domestic curtilage to The Grain Barn on Land And Building near The Grain Barn.


Proposed erection of a single storey side extension on 8 Fosseway.

Proposed erection of a first floor extension above existing single storey rear extension on 10 Claremont Gardens.

Leigh Woods

T - 1 Goat Willow crown lift by 2 mtrs. T - 2 Conifer remove 2 collapsed stems. T - 3 Silver Birch crown reduction by 5 mtrs toprevouis points on Avon View Cottage.


Advertisement consent for 1no. internally illuminated fascia sign to the front elevation on 3B Gallagher Retail Park.


Lime Tree Number 581 - Crown Lift to 3 metres over new footpath and 6 metres over the highway. Ash in community Centre Carpark overhanging Bishops Road. Crown lift to 6 metres over highway. 2 Ash trees (556 &557) and one Sycamore (555) located in May Day Field west of community centre. Crown lift to 6 metres over highway on Land Off Bishops Road And Mayors Road.


Request to discharge condition number 19 (Ecology Report) on application 18/P/4735/OUT on Land West Of Wolvershill Road.


Proposed conversion and extension by the erection of a single storey front and a single storey side extension and increase in height of existing builders store to create 1no. three bed residential dwelling on building at Red Rock Barn.