VISITORS of Cadbury House will be able to get a glimpse of the glamour and opulence of the RMS Titanic this autumn.

On November 10 and 11, guests will be transported back to April 14, 1912, to relive the final 24 hours of the White Star Line's flagship liner.

A cast of actors will bring the Queen of the Ocean event to life using an original script and acting out their scenes around the tables. Captain Edward Smith is just one of the historical characters you will get to meet.

The cast of six are from the Histoire Productions team and also includes a maid and four service girls.

Not only that, but guests will also get to enjoy a three-course meal, which is based on an actual menu that was found in the pocket of a first-class survivor after the ship sunk. This means that you can truly get an authentic experience.

North Somerset Times: Tickets cost £80 and also include a three-course meal.Tickets cost £80 and also include a three-course meal. (Image: Cadbury House)

Matilda Burgess, sales manager at Cadbury House said: “The aim is to create a historically authentic experience that guests, or in this case passenger will remember.

“This includes unique correspondence from the start with each ticket purchase containing a letter from the captain and a boarding pass (based on the same design used in 1912).

“Inside the Great Room, there will be a number of features including for example a cold-water tank with water chilled to the same temperature as the sea on April 14, 1912.

"There will also be a Morse Code machine with instructions on how to send an SOS message.

“The first part of the show is designed to allow the guests to experience these interactively before the ship sets sail and the starter is served.

“From then on, the actors perform as part of the immersive theatre experience with characters representing the crew from different classes and how their evening unfolds in comparison to the enjoyment being had by the first-class passengers.

“We’re always looking for new events here at Cadbury House and this certainly is very different.”

The three-course meal includes:

  • Salmon Mousseline for starter.
  • Chicken Lyonnaise for main.
  • Waldorf Pudding for dessert.

Cost is £80 per person and includes drink on arrival and the meal.