BRISTOL Airport’s roof terrace could soon be covered over and turned into an executive lounge.

The open-air terrace at the east end of the terminal building currently offers travellers a space for fresh air with a good view while waiting for their flight.

But under new plans which have been granted planning permission by North Somerset Council, an extension will turn the terrace into another indoor part of the airport to be used as an executive lounge.

A statement submitted with the planning application said: “Executive Lounge C will provide additional passenger seating with beverage and food support. This lounge will be available during the operating hours of the terminal.”

The lounge will be heated with carbon heat pumps and over 150 square metres of solar panels would be installed on the new roof.

The roof over the terrace would increase the height of the terminal building, but a council report said that it would only be a “modest increase” and the plans should be approved.