STUDENTS from Clevedon School were thrilled to open their GCSE results today (Thursday, August 24).

Sam Kent, deputy headteacher, said: “Governors, staff and of course students themselves are so pleased with the excellent results. 

“Our students now have a whole world of opportunity in front of them – which comes in many forms, but regardless of what it is, it is a credible next step on their exciting journey.”

Jim Smith, headteacher, added: "As envelopes were opened, it was a real honour to witness so many happy students and families as they read the results.

“These outcomes, combined with all the other skills and talents that have been nurtured over the last 5 years make these students a truly wonderful cohort of individuals. They deserve each and every success.”

The school results show an improvement on 2019 outcomes against which grade boundaries were set, despite predictions that they would drop this year.