STUDENTS felt both relief and joy this morning when they collected their GCSE results from Nailsea School (Thursday, August 24, 2023).

Headteacher, Dee Elliott, said: "All the achievements seen today are a total credit to this fantastic bunch of students, their families and our dedicated team of staff.

North Somerset Times: Students should be proud.Students should be proud. (Image: Nailsea School)

"It was a joy to see so many students thrilled with their results and I am deeply proud of them. 

"I know a large number of this year group are returning to our sixth form and I look forward to seeing their further development over the next two years.

"For those moving on to alternative settings, be that further education or employment, I speak on behalf of all the staff in wishing them well.

North Somerset Times: They must have breathed a sigh of relief.They must have breathed a sigh of relief. (Image: Nailsea School)

"These young people have shown levels of resilience and commitment that will enable them to succeed in any path they have chosen to follow."