VISITORS of Clevedon's Noah's Ark Zoo Farm have left some positive reviews on TripAdvisor.

Speaking about the registered charity, one commenter said: "If you go just expecting a big zoo you might be disappointed as there are much larger zoos out there, but if you go with a young family it easily becomes an all-day event with loads of things to keep kids entertained.

"There is a good selection of animals, including lions, elephants, giraffes and rhinoceros, among plenty of other animals including a small selection of primates and reptiles, and good information displayed about them.

"Throughout the day there were talks and displays, we really enjoyed the birds of prey demonstration."

Another said: "It’s a great little zoo and think it’s great they’ve combined the typical zoo animals with farm animals as well. It’s not the biggest out there but there’s a wide variety of animals to see and makes for a good couple of hours visit.

"I’ve seen a few reviews on here about enclosure sizes. It’s all subjective but we were quite impressed with the size of the enclosures.

"Yes, the birds seemed a bit small but I’m sure they get the right enrichments - and the normal zoo animals seemed to have more room to move about in compared to many other zoos we’ve been to."

Some visitors, however, found the size of the enclosures to be unacceptable.

One person said: "Nothing had a big enough pen. The birds didn't have big enough pens to fly.

"The elephants were so clearly bored, these animals walk miles in the wild, they were showing stressed behaviour of walking round in circles.

"Either buy more land or get rid of some of the animals so they can have more room or better still shut it all together. It is cruel. Money over welfare."

In response to this, a spokesperson from the zoo farm said: "Our main priority is the welfare of animals.

"We are formally inspected with a full zoo inspection by the Local Authority which looks at welfare, enclosure design and our management of each species.

"All of our animals including our elephants and birds receive daily enrichment from our dedicated team of keepers.

"Our elephant enclosure is the biggest in Northern Europe and includes a built in forest (off display area) and lots of enrichment opportunities including barrels, mud wallows and much more."