A new “parklet” with outdoor restaurant seating is set to be installed on a Clevedon street which restauranteurs say is developing a “Parisian feel”, writes John Wimperis.

Two parklets have already opened on Hill Road outside the Fallen Tree and Butterflies. Now cocktail and burger bar Limehouse will be the third restaurant to have outside seating in a parking space-turned-parklet on the street.

North Somerset Council’s licensing subcommittee approved the venue’s proposal on 21 August.

General manager of Limehouse Kieran Fitzpatrick said: “We are delighted with the decision from the committee to approve this additional outside seating. We will endeavour to make it in keeping with the local area.

“The street has a Parisian feel with new alfresco dining added from top to bottom.”

Limehouse will have three new tables with nine new chairs out in the street, surrounded by planters which will be installed by the council. Owner David Jones said that they only planned to have the tables out until 8pm.

He told North Somerset Council’s licensing subcommittee: “This is really to take advantage of the lunch and early dinner trade.”

The application had to go through a hearing before the subcommittee because an objection was received. One local person, whose name was redacted, objected over fears that it would lead to more smokers on the pavement and noise from drinkers late at night. They claimed that there were already too many people smoking outside the burger bar.

In a letter to the licensing team, they said: “The pavement is engulfed in a carcinogenic cloud of smoke. The pedestrians are forced into the road as the pavement is impassable due to the sheer volume of smokers.”

But Mr Jones said this did not currently happen. He said there was signage to tell people to not to smoke outside the front of the bar, and staff were trained to tell smokers to move around the side of the building.

He added that the new tables in the parklet would be non-smoking. He said: “These are for diners. We don’t want people smoking at these tables.”

Licensing officer Caz Horton pointed out that someone had actually been smoking out the front of the venue when she visited to take photographs of the site for the committee, but licensing subcommittee chair Stuart Davies said he understood it was difficult to police.

After a short deliberation, Mr Davies said that the committee would approve the licence.

Limehouse will be free to set up their seating as soon as the parklet has been installed by the council. Mr Jones said: “My wife will be pleased as my garage is full of furniture.”