A FORMER employee from Bristol Airport has said that they were "verbally and mentally abused" during their time working for DHL.

In 2019, DHL took over responsibility for delivering core customer service and logistics operations, such as customer arrival, bag drop off, sorting out bags, boarding gate marshalling, aircraft loading and unloading.

One employee, who preferred to be left unnamed, made the company aware of their disabilities before they started, which included cranial fibrous dysplasia, left traumatic neuropathy and visual impairment in their left eye. 

They were put on ID checks for prolonged periods of time, despite asking management if they could switch with another colleague and work somewhere else instead.

When their husband passed away, they took a few days off. They said that, when they returned, they had to endure a return to work interview, during which DHL classed their leave as being due to sickness, despite knowing the reason.

The employee said: "From there on, things got progressively worse!

"I was left again on ID check without being given breaks or even a minute to gather my thoughts and have some water.

"If I had to be reprimanded then this was done in front of staff and customers!

"I was often humiliated and went home to my children having to put a brave face on."

They also said that they were the victim of bullying, which came in the form of gossiping and being ignored by management. This included comments being made about their children.

The employee added: "I took out a grievance and had a date set which their HR kept on pushing back as I continued to be victimised, to the point I couldn't take it any more and for my mental health I had to leave.

"Needless to say the grievance was never resolved, which is how people are managed out!"

When questioned by the North Somerset Times, a spokesperson from DHL Supply Chain said: "We prioritise the welfare of our colleagues and have a comprehensive health and wellbeing programme to ensure all colleagues receive the support they need to be successful. 

"We take employee feedback very seriously and any formal complaints are fully investigated."