STUDENTS from Gordano School are celebrating after receiving their A level and vocational subject results today (Thursday, August 17).

Headteacher Louise Blundell said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to celebrate these results with Year 13 students.

"As a year group they have shown great determination and resilience following an educational journey where they have contended with many changes and challenges.

"Their GCSE experience was cut short dramatically in 2020, their GCSE grades calculated via Teacher Assessed Grades in 2021 and their experience of external exams limited in comparison to previous cohorts.

North Somerset Times: Many students will be going on to start their university courses.Many students will be going on to start their university courses. (Image: Gordano School)

"As a year group they have absolutely met those challenges head on, and we are very proud of their individual successes.”

Top academic achievers in this year group included:

  • Sophie Dawson with 3 A*’s (going to Southampton to study Psychology).
  • Georgia Creed with 3 A*s (going to Birmingham to study Engineering).
  • Christian Leung 4 A*’s (going to Warwick to study Maths, Stats and Econ).
  • Charlotte Caroll 2 A*, 1 A (going to Bristol to study Law).
  • Kip Ridley 2 A*’s, 1 A (going to Durham to study Finance).

North Somerset Times: Students should be proud of themselves.Students should be proud of themselves. (Image: Gordano School)

Many students have also secured highly sought after places on Higher Apprenticeship courses, including Emily Beaton, Emma Bennett and Liam Duncan in Accounting, Adam Isles at Jaguar Land Rover and Alex Bolt with the Police.

North Somerset Times: What an achievement.What an achievement. (Image: Gordano School)

Danny Rose will be putting his music A Level and percussion skills to good use by joining the army to become a bandsman in Purbright.

Many of the school's pupils will be starting their university courses next. 22 students from last year’s cohort who will also take university places this year after completing gap year activities.

Director of Sixth Form, Pippa Ramsay, said: “We are delighted that so many of our students have already secured their places at university or in other training or employment – for which applications are hugely competitive.

"Now that they have their exam results, for any student who has still to decide on their next pathway, we will continue to assist them to make informed next steps.”

If you haven't quite got the grades you needed, you are urged to take a look at the UCAS clearing system to see what places are available.