A PLANNING application has been submitted which would see the first floor of 22 Old Church Road in Clevedon be converted into flats.

The planning application seeks to: "Convert the first floor of 22 Old Church Rd to 2 x resident flats made up in part conversion of existing storage space and in part building over ground floor retail space.

"Construction of a small ground floor extension to the existing retail space in number 22 to allow the first floor above to meet minimum residential size requirement.

"To replace existing timber shed type storage in 22 to traditional block construction store for ancillary storage.

"To extend over the ground floor footprint in 22a Old Church Rd to provide additional commercial space.

"To construct addition block built ancillary store at rear of 22a.


Non material amendment to application 23/P/0421/FUH (proposed erection of a two storey extension to the South elevation, single storey extension to the West elevation and internal structural alterations) to omit the new door to the kitchen on the south elevation and replace it with a window instead on 1 Brendon Road.

Maple - boundary with 4 Denny View - Crown lift to 5m, cutting to branch collar on 19 Downleaze.

MT - 1 Magnolia tree reduction by 2.5 mtrs. T - 2 Yew tree reduction by 1.5 mtrs. T - 3 Field maple reduction by 2 mtrs on Holmleigh Woodlands.


Proposed erection of a two storey side extension on Duck Pond Barn.

Flax Bourton

Request to discharge condition numbers 5 (Windows & Doors), 6 (External Walls), 7 (Materials), 14 (Landscaping) and 16 (Drainage) on application 23/P/0289/MMA on Gatcombe Farm.


T - 1 Oak reduce by up to 2 mtrs. T - 2 Lime pollard by 3 mtrs. T - 3 Conifer trimming by approx 0.5 mtrs on 1 The Retreat Camp.

(T1, T2, T3) Oak stumps growing out of cliff face causing rocks to fall into garden, removal of epicormic growth. (T4) Oak tree crown lift due to crown touching garage roof on 2 The Retreat Camp.

T - 1 - 2 - 3 Lime tree pollard back to previous points on Flat 1 59 South Road.

T - 1 yew fell. T - 2 Ash fell on 38A Montpelier.

Long Ashton

Proposed erection of a two storey side extension, loft extension with creation of gable roofing at the North elevation. Creation of a porch canopy at the North elevation, installation/replacement of 2no. new rooflights on Angel Meade, Ridgeway Road.


Non material amendment to application 22/P/2670/FUL (siting of a temporary building for period of 3 years as storage and as a fitness training business for the club and the wider community) to allow for amendments to the external fenestration and materials of the temporary building and slight variation to the size of the building at Congresbury FC.


T - 1 Holm Oak remove to ground level. Root system damaging retaining wall on Prospect Cottage.


Proposed demolition of existing detached garage and erection of a single storey rear extension, single storey front extension and two storey side extension on 37 Meadway Avenue.


Demolition of the existing house and garage and proposed erection of a new contemporary and thermally efficient 4no. bedroom home with new garage / workshop on Springfield The Street.


Certificate of lawful development for the proposed widening of two existing doorways to the rear (North East) elevation and replacement of existing white PVC door frames with dark grey aluminium bi-fold doors on 14 The Avenue.

Proposed erection of a single storey front porch, single storey side extension above study, solar panels and roof lights on existing dwelling. Rebuilding of existing garden room on 44 Hilldale Road.


Proposed demolition of existing rear store/outbuilding and erection of new rear stores/outbuildings at both 22 and 22A. Part-single-part-double storey rear extension at the first floor of 22 and single storey rear extension at the first floor of 22A. Proposed change of use of the first floor of 22 to 2no. apartments and change of use of the first floor of 22A to offices. Installation of 1no. new door to the front of 22 on 22 And 22A Old Church Road.