CLEVEDON Family Church have hosted a holiday club designed to provide "a safe and welcoming environment to all young children."

The church's holiday club, called LIFt, ran from August 2 to August 4.

A range of local groups volunteered their time, including Clevedon Gymnastics, RMC Sports Coaching and Police Community Support officers.

A spokesperson from the church said: "At the Clevedon Family Church we had a dream to run a fun club for young children to help families during these difficult times, seeking to create a bridge between the church and the wider community it tries to serve, by opening its doors, providing a safe and welcoming environment to all young children. 

"We ran activities that inspired imaginations through craft and building games, exercised bodies through sports and gymnastics and even helped the children become young detectives, whilst hearing the stories of Christ, reminding each one of them that they are unique and special in their own way."