AN OLD Anglo-Saxon well in Clevedon has been restored to its former glory as part of the Coronation Year celebrations.

The well, which is located alongside St Mary's Church in the Walton area, has been hidden under a wooden cover for many years, with some residents and visitors completely unaware of its rich history.

However, this has now all changed. The well has been given pride of place by congregation members in the Well Garden, under a metal grille with its clear water visible 15 feet below.

North Somerset Times: The well now has pride of place.The well now has pride of place. (Image: Peter Gibbs)

 On Tuesday, July 18, it was unveiled close to an illustrated information board, provided by Discover Clevedon, which provides further detail into the history of the area.

In the Doomsday Book of 1086, the village was referred to as Stoke-super-Mare.

The small settlement, dating from Saxon times, was probably based on the nearby tiny beach of Ladye Bay, the inhabitants relying on fishing and trade along the Somerset coast. 

The church, dedicated to St Paul, was built in the 13th Century, with a tower added in the 14th Century. As the only stone building, it would have dominated the village and played a crucial part in the lives of the villagers.

The whole settlement was mysteriously abandoned in the early 17th Century, but the site remained the parish church of Walton-in-Gordano, just over a mile away.

The noticeboard reads: "Only the base of the tower and nave remained of the church of St Paul. The old village became deserted in late Medieval times.

"In the churchyard is the ancient village cross and the well, which supplied villagers with drinking water."

In 1869-70, the ruined church was rebuilt by John Norton, who is also known for his restoration of Tyntesfield House in Wraxall.

Speaking further about this, the noticeboard reads: "The church was reconsecrated as St Mary's in 1870, some of the remains of the old church were incorporated into the inside of the new building and can still be seen today.

"The church gave its name to the area, Walton St Mary."

To find out more, please visit the Discover Clevedon website.