A BEREAVEMENT support scheme is set to start their next seven-session course this September.

The upcoming Bereavement Journey sessions will be held at Christchurch in Clevedon and will begin on Wednesday, September 6, at 2pm.

The sessions will finish on Wednesday, October 18.

Topics for the sessions include:

• Attachment, separation and loss.

• The impact and pain of bereavement .

• Adjusting to change.

• Anger and guilt.

• Coping with others’ reactions.

• Moving on healthily.

The optional seventh session will be based on the subject of faith.

The Bereavement Journey website reads: "The Bereavement Journey is a series of films and discussion groups that gently guide people bereaved at any time through the most common aspects of grief and bereavement, enabling them to process the implications for themselves and discern next steps."

There is a suggested donation of £12, however, if this causes issues, please contact Rev Suzy Kirkham in the church office or email bereavementsupport@christchurch-clevedon.org.uk.