Representatives from Clevedon Twinning Association travelled to their German twin town to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of twinning between Ettlingen from Germany and Épernay from France. 

All the twin towns received a very warm welcome from Johannes Arnold, Ober Bürgermeister, Mayor of Ettlingen as the celebrations got underway.

The residents and councils of both towns work together on shared projects and exchanges, to develop and maintain relationships between individuals, schools and local associations.

The visit was not only an opportunity to celebrate the anniversary, but also an occasion for members of Clevedon Twinning Association to connect with people from Ettlingen, Épernay and Middelkerke to discuss ideas for future projects between the four towns.

Clevedon Town Twinning Association now looks forward to returning this hospitality and greeting their German, French and Belgian friends in the town soon.

Clevedon Town Twinning Association was formed in 1980 when the town became twinned with Ettlingen, a historic town on the edge of the Black Forest in Germany.  A decade later, the twinning extended to include Épernay, a town situated in the heart of the French Champagne region. Following that  Clevedon became twinned with Middelkerke, geographically our closest twin town, a seaside resort just across the channel on the Belgian coast. All four towns are twinned with each other and share a unique connection.

If you or your association would be interested to get involved in twinning, they are always happy to welcome new faces at their regular coffee mornings, held on the first Saturday of every month at The Old Inn on Walton Road from 10:30-12pm. 

Alternatively, you can contact them via their website -, Facebook - or by email to