STAGECOACH Performing Arts Portishead has performed at the prestigious Shaftesbury Theatre on the West End, writes Josie Cohen.

The young performers put in a lot of effort during weeks of rehearsals for performances based on the Heathers musical, and they eventually got to witness their efforts pay off, with an audience of both family and friends.

14 Stagecoach Performing Arts schools from across the country took part in the West-End spectacle, with a survey showing that over 85% of children attribute their happiness to participating in performing arts.

With these displays enhancing the kids' creativity, courage, and talents that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, this is yet another significant accomplishment for Stagecoach's summer term.

Fae McIntyre, Portishead’s principal, said: “Our students performed a piece called 'Dear Diary' which was a medley from the musical 'Heathers' all about the highs and lows of high school life, school cliques, house parties and wanting to feel young forever!

"Our 22-strong cast of students excelled both on and off the stage. Their professionalism and commitment to the day was unmatched and we're extremely proud of all of them.”

More than a million students have discovered their creative potential via Stagecoach Performing Arts in the 35 years since its founding, with the company helping develop them into whole people who are prepared to seize life's exciting opportunities.

A study showed that almost half (41%) of the nation’s parents are concerned that their children are less happy growing up than their generation had been. Stagecoach hopes to encourage participation in the arts and significantly improve the wellbeing of both kids and parents.

With a network of over 55,000 students and more than 3000 extra-curricular Performing Arts Schools worldwide, Stagecoach aims to make a difference in its students’ lives.

From ages four to six, Early Stages classes are available and Main Stages classes take place for six to 18-year-olds every weekend during term time.
On stage, Portishead School demonstrated great skills and proved that effort is rewarded when you work hard, making the community proud.