FILMING for a new Channel 4 TV drama was spotted in Clevedon yesterday (Wednesday, May 17) in Clevedon.

It had been halted when lead star Julie Walters pulled out due to poor health.

But the six-part series about assisted suicide, called 'TrueLove', has restarted with Lindsay Duncan in the main role.

The series also features actress Downton Abbey actress Sue Johnston.

Actors were spotted shooting scenes for the show in Clevedon as part of their second round of filming after Julie Walters pulled out due to a back problem.

A Clerkenwell Films spokesperson said: "Last year, filming on Truelove was paused while Julie Walters sought medical advice and attention for severe back pain.

"Subsequently, Julie decided to step back from the project to focus on her recovery and recuperation, and so will not be returning to the role of Phil.

"We wholeheartedly support her decision, and the entire cast, crew and production team wish her the very best and a speedy recovery.

”We are delighted that Lindsay Duncan will be stepping into the role of Phil.

”We’re excited to see what she brings to this complex and captivating character.”

The series was originally shot last year in Burnham-On-Sea, Berrow and Brean.

Filming has been spotted at these locations in the past few weeks again before the crew was seen in Clevedon yesterday with Lindsay Duncan.

The three-time BAFTA nominee said: "When I read the Truelove scripts I knew I wanted to be involved.

"I say involved because the obvious thing is that Phil is a great part – an intelligent, tough and complex woman – but also I want to be a part of this project.

"It’s so well written, exploring what we face when age becomes a factor. How do we want to live, die and love with the remaining years?

"It tells a compelling story with humanity and very dark humour. The cast is terrific. It’s original and ambitious. Excited is an overused word in this context, but I really am."