A LOCAL author has published a new original crime novel.

Vincent McInerney, an author from Upper Clevedon, saw his book FAKES: A Novoflick published last week (April 28) by Troubador Publishing.

A mixture of novel and film script, the book is set in 1970's Liverpool and features a whole host of rich and entertaining characters who become involved in the circumstances surrounding the sale of a stolen painting purchased with drugs money.

Notable characters include a redundant bedspring fitter who had reinvented himself as a ‘Private Eye’ and a detective inspector Crust.  

Speaking about the novel, for which he had to research deep into Liverpool life, Vincent says: "FAKES is an attempt to create a new type of hybrid literary work.

“A ‘NovoFlick' is work that has the free movement of a novel allied to the dialogue and structure of a modern film script.”  

North Somerset Times: FAKES: A Novoflick.FAKES: A Novoflick. (Image: Troubador Publishing)

Speaking further about his motivation behind the venture, Vincent speaks more about his hope for the book, which is to create "an engaging tale which will appeal to many readers.”        

Readers can expect to become immersed into the world of 1970's Liverpool, with scenes set on its docks and even a container ship in a storm.

Vincent has had experience working in a wide variety of roles, including working on the Merchant Marine during the second India-Pakistan War. After that, he became a BBC editor, writing radio and stage plays, plus a textbook Writing for Radio.

He also wrote and produced the short film Booked and was the director of the Great Yarmouth Film Festival.

On top of all that, Vincent has edited the critically acclaimed Seafarers' Voices series.

As explained on their website, Troubador Publishing aim to help authors get published with bespoke and high end self-publishing services. The publishing house works with authors to design, create, publish, market, distribute and sell high-quality books, whether they be in print or digital formats.

With over 30 years of experience, the company succeeds in helping authors achieve their dreams of becoming published.

To learn more about the book and to order your own copy, please visit the Troubador Publishing website or online retailers such as Amazon.