A CLEVEDON seafront campaign group are 'devastated' after the well-known wriggly lines and crop circle were removed last night and replaced with a yellow cross-shaped road marking.

Save Our Seafront spokesperson Cathy Hawkins, said: "This horrid yellow brick road and cross causing confusion to drivers is horrible. 

"We are primarily concerned about the safety issues, loss of parking and the effect on local businesses in the area who are 100 per cent against the scheme."

Speaking about the group's frustration, Cathy continued: "We are turning in circles trying to get our voices heard.

"We protested the changes in the hope that North Somerset Council would at least listen and talk to us about our safety, parking concerns and the detrimental effect on trade for the local businesses.

North Somerset Times: SOS are 'devastated'SOS are 'devastated' (Image: Save Our Seafront)

"However instead they have now added a completely bonkers cross and yellow brick road, making the road scheme even more crazy. 

"We have begged them for over two years to meet and talk to us about this scheme, but they have always refused.

"Our meeting arranged to discuss the scheme was cancelled as we were told it was in Purdah so it couldn’t be held because of the local election in May and now this has happened under the cover of darkness. 

"We are devastated."

A North Somerset Council spokesperson said: “The new surface road treatment in Clevedon now in place is one of the final parts of the scheme and is designed to make the area safer by helping slow traffic down.

"We expect many more visitors to come to Clevedon after the Pier to Pier Way opens later this year, which will bring more walkers and cyclists to the area.

"These works have made the area safer for all and also supports our commitment to provide sustainable travel routes across the area.

North Somerset Times: Many campaigners are angry over the works.Many campaigners are angry over the works. (Image: Save Our Seafront.)

“The scheme has provided seven new crossing points, improved pedestrian and cycle user safety and will bring additional parking to the area.

"The new buff coloured surface marks new pedestrian crossings, the space between car parking and the cycle lane as well as on the roundabout. The material was chosen in consultation with conservation officers and is frequently used in historic environments around the UK, for example Oxford, Bath and London.”