A CLEVEDON author will be publishing a new book this May.

Tim Ewins' second novel, called Tiny Pieces of Enid, will be available from May 9.

There will be a meet the author event at The Poacher in Portishead (hosted by Max Minerva’s bookshop in Portishead) on May 11.

Fans of Tim's first novel, We Are Animals, are urged to come along and learn more about this tale of companionship and ageing.

The story, set in Clevedon, is focused around main character Enid, who suffers from dementia and lives in a care home in a small coastal town.

Enid feels a strong connection to Olivia, a frequent visitor, although she can't quite figure out why. When Enid escapes from the home to reconnect with her husband, Roy, she uncovers the truth surrounding Olivia and her own forgotten past.

Following a career in finance, Tim performed in stand-up comedy for eight years and had a brief acting career before turning to writing fiction.

His first novel, We Are Animals, was published in 2020 by Lightning Books.

North Somerset Times: Tiny Pieces of Ewin.Tiny Pieces of Ewin. (Image: Tim Ewins)

Author Reviews

Here are some reviews from other authors who read the new book.

Hazel Prior

"A poignant, poetically fractured tale of two women trapped by circumstance, the bittersweet circle of life and love. I found it strangely hypnotic and very moving."

Beth Morrey

"One of the most beautiful portrayals of love I’ve ever read. I will always remember Enid and Roy."

A.J. West

"A wonderful, poignant and powerful read. I absolutely loved it. There’s such tenderness there, and great clarity too."

Matson Taylor

"Incredibly moving. The pages are filled with characters you can’t help but fall in love with. A heartfelt tale focused on the realities of life with dementia."

Louise Hare

"Beautiful. Quietly devastating and utterly believable. I loved every second of it."

Ericka Waller

"He’s done it again. Tiny Pieces of Enid is warm and moving and full of heart. If it doesn’t make you cry more than once, I don’t know what’s wrong with you."

Frances Quinn

"Compelling and sad and hopeful, but never sentimental. A warm hug of a book, as comforting as chicken soup and just as nourishing."

Tiny Pieces of Enid will be available in many UK bookshops, so keep an eye out.