A NEW romance novel will be launching in Clevedon this March.

Rebecca Black's Everything Else is Hearsay will be launched on Friday, March 3 at 6:30pm at The Little Harp Inn (mezzanine level).

Romance lovers are invited to hear more about the book, which follows the story of Lucy Daniels and her love interest, Will Reynolds.

A busy mother of two, Lucy has been juggling finding time to herself with the pressures of motherhood after she splits up with her husband. In a sleepy seaside town, she doesn't expect anything to change much anytime soon.

That is until superstar Will Reynolds checks in to her B&B. The enigmatic lead singer of The King Band soon finds himself drawn to Lucy, who has no idea of his celebrity status.

North Somerset Times: Everything Else is Hearsay.Everything Else is Hearsay. (Image: Rebecca Black)

When the paparazzi get an anonymous tip-off, their friendship falls under the scrutiny of the world’s press. The question is: will their connection survive the pressure?

This is just the first instalment of this passionate trilogy.

Speaking about her inspiration behind the book, Rebecca says: "My love for romance books began during my recovery from chemotherapy in 2020. I love everything from romcom to dark romance and everything in-between.

"I had never thought about writing a book, but for Christmas 2021 my husband brought me a keyboard for my iPad, and I wanted to write something to try it out. Once I'd finished the obligatory 'thank you' letters, I started writing a story.

There was no plan, no light bulb moment, I just started writing and two weeks later I had the first draft of my very own spicy romance novel.

"Since then, I haven't been able to stop! Characters have taken up residence in my head and I think about them daily, conjuring up scenarios for them to act out.

"As with any independent author, getting my first book to the point of publication has been a very long but educational journey.

"Thanks to the fantastic support from friends, family and people I have met in the industry, I have stuck with it and I hope to go on to write many more."

Copies of Everything Else is Hearsay can be purchased on Amazon in paperback at £14.99 and Kindle at £3.99.