IT has been announced that Nailsea is to receive two new electric buses.

This is thanks to a joint initiative between Nailsea Town Council and Nailsea and District Community Transport (NDCT).

Last year, it was suggested by the NDCT that improving the town's transport reach could help residents of the town, as well as bring in outside revenue from day visitors.

The council agreed to assist the organisation by buying two new electric vehicles.

The agreement was conditional on the town council owning the vehicles and leasing them to the transport group, with the running costs and infrastructure needed to charge the buses being covered by NDCT.

After consulting members of the community, the council agreed to purchase two buses from GM Coachwork Ltd at a total cost of £177,060.

The vehicles are bought using funds from the Capital Receipts from the sale of land at Engine Lane.

A spokesperson for NDCT said: “We are delighted that two new electric buses will shortly be replacing some of our aging fleet to help meet the transport needs of the local community.

"As well as providing comfort for the passengers, the buses will help keep costs down and reduce pollution on the roads which will benefit local residents.”

Electric vehicles emit far less greenhouse gases over their lifetime than conventional engine cars, helping reduce people's individual carbon footprints.

The efficient, sustainable community transport will help vulnerable residents get out to the shops, access local services and make important social connections to help prevent isolation and loneliness.

NDCT recruits local volunteer drivers to keep the costs low and ensure that everyone can afford the service.

The organisation is always looking for volunteer drivers so if you enjoy driving meeting people and have some spare time, they’d love to hear from you!

To find out more about NDCT or to volunteer as a driver, visit or call 01275 855552 Mon-Fri 8.30am – 3.30pm.

The new buses are expected to be in service by May 2023.