A RETAILER from Portishead is donating hundreds of pairs of pre-worn shoes to Africa this month.

Tanya Marriott runs SoleLution shoe shop on Portishead's High Street.

Since 2017, SoleLution has been collecting second hand shoes from customers to be donated to Educate The Kids, a charity which helps children have a bright future in Africa.

This February half term, Tanya and her family will travel to Kenya to fit 800 pairs of shoes to the children at the Jolaurabi School in Mombasa.

Tanya did a similar thing in 2018, when she fit 300+ pairs of shoes to the children.

Tanya said: “Thanks to everyone who has donated we are able to take 12 suitcases full of shoes with us. I can’t wait to see our African families; they will be so excited to receive the new shoes.

"We also have a few little treats we are taking for them too.”