BAD weather can put a halt to the best plans, whether it be going for a run in the fresh air or socialising with friends. This can be exetremely frustrating for many.

Portishead Pilot Gig Club (PPGC) feels the sting when the weather is bad. The club describes itself on their website as a 'growing, friendly, community-based gig rowing club' which specialises in rowing traditional Cornish gigs.

They rely on dry weather to be able to get out and do what they love, which has been scarce over the last few weeks.

Crossfit MPG in Portishead has a solution. They have offered the PPGC the opportunity to use their 2500 sq ft of facilities when there are no classes running in their Harbour Road site.

The PPGC are able to use Crossfit's indoor rowing machines, exercise bikes, weights and more - meaning that there are no excuses not to exercise.

Sarah Ravens, performance lead at PPGC, says: “We can often find rows are cancelled due to the wind especially in the winter as the marina gusts can be really strong.

"This obviously has an effect on our training preparation, particularly if the weather is bad for a couple of weeks, so to be able to train together now whatever the weather, is such a positive thing for us as a club.

"The space is big enough for the whole club to train on a Saturday morning or in the week as crews, so it’s a really great opportunity."

North Somerset Times: Portishead Pilot Gig Club at Crossfit MPGPortishead Pilot Gig Club at Crossfit MPG (Image: Portishead Pilot Gig Club)

 Matt Gigg, owner of Crossfit MPG, adds: “At Crossfit MPG, we love being part of the community, and to be able to share our facilities with our friends at the gig club to allow them to continue to train even when they can’t row is amazing and is exactly what we are all about”.

One of the reasons that it is so important that the PPGC keeps up with their training is because they are going to be part of the Pilot Gig World Championships, which are being hosted in the Isles of Scillies.

This is one of the most crucial events for gig rowing clubs.

 If you are interested in joining the Gig Club or Crossfit MPG please contact them through their respective Facebook pages.