THIS week a North Somerset MP, Dr Liam Fox, signed the Holocaust Educational Trust's Book to honour those that suffered and the survivors that continue to educate young people today. 

Holocaust Memorial Day is held annually on January 27th, which is the anniversary of the liberation of former concentration camp, Aushwitz-Birkenau, in 1945.

In the lead up to and on Holocaust Memorial Day, thousands of commemorative events will be arranged by schools, faith groups and community organisations across the country.

The theme for this year’s commemorations is ‘Ordinary People’. It is hoped that the theme will make people remember that these victims were just normal individuals, wanting to live their lives in peace.

After signing the Book of Commitment, North Somerset MP Dr Liam Fox said: “Holocaust Memorial Day is an important opportunity for people from North Somerset to reflect on the darkest times of European history.

"Today, I pledge to remember the six million Jewish men, women and children who were murdered in Holocaust.”

Karen Pollock CBE, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said: “On Holocaust Memorial Day we remember the six million men, women and children who were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators, simply for being Jewish, and we pay tribute to the incredible survivors, many of whom still share their testimony day in and day out to ensure that future generations never forget the horrors of the past.

"We also remember that antisemitism did not start or end with the Holocaust, we must all be vigilant, and speak out whenever it is found.”

The day also pays tribute to other groups persecuted by the Nazis, including Roma and Sinti people, disabled people, gay men, political opponents to the Nazis and others.

Although there is no accurate figure for how many Jewish individuals were murdered in the Holocaust, it is estimated by the Holocaust Encyclopedia that six million were killed.

This figure does not include the millions of people from other groups which were persecuted. This includes those that were gay, from a different ethnic backgroup, and members from the Soviet Union.

It is also urged that we remember all of those affected by genocide since, in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

For more information, visit the Holocaust Memorial Day website.