A new mural has been unveiled today in Yatton in a bid to show all it has to offer.

The vibrant artwork was created by Clevedon-based Damien Jeffery.

The design, sprayed on to a shipping container housing bikes, features a yellow Siskin bird, a Kingfisher, strawberries, forget me nots and pine leaves from the Dawn Redwood, a nod to the Treasured Trees project of 2012.

One end shows a Springer Spaniel leaping in the air, while the other features a classic 1924-built GWR steam locomotive.

The container belongs to Strawberry Line Cycle Hire. Brightening it up was the idea of cycle hire owner Sally Wilcock: “Damien really has conjured up something truly special and the container has been completely transformed."

GWR Business Assurance Director Joe Graham added: “We’re delighted to support this initiative. Damien has designed an incredible piece of artwork which really does provide a wonderful welcome to visitors."