A FORGOTTEN railway which closed more than 80 years ago will be remembered with a model train exhibition in Portishead next month. 

The Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Light Railway (WC&PR) was a 'quirky' line that operated between North Somerset's coastal towns from 1897 to 1940.

Some evidence as to where it used to run and its tracks can still be seen today. 

A pier-to-pier cycleway, now delayed until next year, will also follow some of the old route from Clevedon to Weston, and will include a true replica of the Wick St. Lawrence station halt as a gateway feature.

North Somerset Times: Picture: Sharon PoolePicture: Sharon Poole (Image: Sharon Poole)

Now, to mark its 125th anniversary of the Weston to Clevedon completion - and 115th of the Portishead inclusion - a group dedicated to its history will host a birthday party and exhibition. 

The WC&P Railway Group will mark the occasion by displaying original artifacts from the railway and show 'some of the best model railways in the country'. 

There will be 14 model layouts in total, with at least four modeling the railway itself.

These will be: Weston station on Ashcombe Road, Clevedon, River Yeo bridge, and Portishead station.

It will be the first, and possibly only time, all will be shown together under one roof.

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A range of models will also go on display, including locomotives, coaches, wagons and even a Weston horse bus.

Slide shows of historic photos will run all-day and demonstrations of kit building will be given.

North Somerset Times: WC&P Railway GroupWC&P Railway Group (Image: WC&P Railway Group)

Eight societies will have stands at the event, these will be: Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways, Colonel Stephens Society, Portishead Railway Group and the Vale of Berkeley Railway.

Light refreshments will also be available, together with homemade cakes. 

The exhibition will be held on October 2 at the Parish Wharf Leisure Centre, close to Portishead Marina.