A village has pledged to do ‘whatever is in its power’ to become carbon neutral after its council declared a ‘climate emergency’ this month.

Long Ashton Parish Council will aim to achieve the status by 2030.

North Somerset councillor for the village, Ashley Cartman, said the move is a 'step forward' for the area, and the authority will launch a forum on ways it can actively tackle climate change in the future.

Members of the parish unanimously backed the motion, proposed by councillor Stuart McQuillan, at a meeting held at the Jubilee Pavilion, in Keedwell Hill, on September 9.

Long Ashton Parish Council said: "This authority recognises the climate emergency which exists, and it pledges to do whatever is in its power to make the civil parish of Long Ashton carbon neutral by 2030.

"Its members will start a forum, where councillors can agree changes to the council and community to help us meet this goal.

"It will also place 'climate emergency' on the agenda of its future meetings, so we can regularly consider all recommendations from the forum and review our progress.

MORE: Council unanimously declare 'climate emergency' for North Somerset"Authority members actively support North Somerset Council's (NSC) climate change strategy, and it will work with neighbouring parishes and government departments to achieve the status."

NSC declared a climate emergency in February this year.

Activist Bill Roberts volunteered to start the first council forum session, who suggested members call it L.A. CAN (Long Ashton Climate Action Now).

Cllr Cartman, said: "Although some people may be cynical about what a parish can do, it is important we all engage with whatever we can do to help combat climate change.

"This motion is a step forward for Long Ashton, and it has wide and local support.

"I hope the village will see lots of people help the council and its members to work out how we best play our role in tackling the climate emergency the world faces."

Cllr McQuillan is encouraging people to get involved in the council's forum.

To join the meeting, email Stuart at stuart.mcquillan@n-somerset.gov.uk