A Portishead craftsman who specialises in producing bespoke furniture will make his TV-debut in the new BBC Two series, Saved and Remade, today (Tuesday).

John Osborne, of Industrial Modern Furniture, features in the programme this evening and the series airs every weekday night at 6.30pm for four weeks.

North Somerset Times: John Osborne features on the BBC Two TV series, Saved and Remade, which is airing for the next four weeks.John Osborne features on the BBC Two TV series, Saved and Remade, which is airing for the next four weeks. (Image: Karen Osborne)

Saved and Remade brings together the multiple skills of a team of expert craftspeople to help solve viewers’ conundrums of what to do with treasured but purposeless items.

In each episode, talented re-makers craft these items into bespoke, purposeful pieces, bringing about ‘incredible transformations’ which will be a fitting match for their owners.

Sabrina Grant hosts the 20-part series produced by Red Sky Productions, which first aired on BBC Two yesterday (Monday).

John and Karen Osborne run Portishead business Industrial Modern Furniture, which specialises in custom-made, sustainable and unique pieces crafted from steel, ceramic and wood which are suitable for home and garden.

Karen said: "We are so excited to announce that John has been recognised as an expert craftsman by Red Sky Productions and he is part of the team of specialist re-makers in the brand new 20-part series, Saved and Remade.

“We can’t wait to see it and we hope you’ll be watching along with us or catching up on BBC iPlayer.”

North Somerset Times: John and Karen Osborne.John and Karen Osborne. (Image: Mark Atherton)

Karen said John is also working on an ‘awesome transformation’ which airs on April 8 and adds that he has a ‘really great run’ of air time featuring his ‘magnificent transformations’ on April 19, 20 and 21.

Host Sabrina Grant will help contributors choose which of the experts has the vision and ability to convert treasured objects.

Sabrina said: “I’m super excited to front this brand-new BBC Two series that creatively re-purposes and brings a new lease of life to our guests’ treasures. I can’t wait to share the magic of our transformations with you.”

Executive Producer, Jane Rogerson, added: “We’re thrilled to be working with Sabrina and all of our craftspeople on this exciting new format for BBC Two.

“We cannot wait for everyone to see what the unused but much-loved items that we all have in lofts and cupboards - prepare to be surprised and delighted.”