The historic gates to Clevedon Pier will be restored this week.

In preparation for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, the gates will be repaired to their former glory and given a new lease of life.

Works will create a second entry point, to the right, allowing easier entry and exit during busy times.

With the support of The Hawthorns and Poets Mews retirement homes, the Clevedon Pier Trust will temporarily remove the gates this week to carry out the works.

North Somerset Times: The gates can be seen with an arched design in the early 1900s.The gates can be seen with an arched design in the early 1900s. (Image: Clevedon Community Archive)

The current gates were put in place in 1998 after the collapse of two spans in 1970, and were donated by The Hawthorns.

Restoration of the gates will be part of a bag of vital maintenance the trust will carry out on the pier this year which will see 120 new deck planks added.

Clevedon Pier was opened in 1869 but closed in 1970 due to structural damage. It was reopened in 1989 by the Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust.