Bristol Airport has advised passengers jetting away for the Easter holidays to arrive earlier than usual to avoid delays.

The airport is gearing up for its busiest period for more than two years as many go on their first holiday since the Covid pandemic began.

North Somerset Times: Passengers have also been given a list of ways to reduce time going through security.Passengers have also been given a list of ways to reduce time going through security. (Image: Bristol Airport)

Chief operating officer, Graham Gamble, confirmed airport advice suggesting travellers arrive two hours before their scheduled departure time to avoid hold-ups.

Mr Gamble said: “We know there is a huge pent-up demand for travel which has built up over the past two years during the pandemic.

"While recruiting new colleagues for the airport can take time, the Bristol Airport team and business partners will be working hard to ensure all customers have a smooth and easy journey through our terminal.

"We strongly advise all customers to arrive at check-in at least a minimum of 2 hours prior to their scheduled departure time.

“The airport has been working hard over the winter season to prepare for the spring and summer season with various ongoing development projects in the terminal which are due to be completed over the coming weeks and months.

"The work includes a £2.6million investment in the enhancements of the commercial amenities in the departure lounge to provide a greater experience for customers before boarding their flights.”

Passengers are also recommended to prepare for security checks ahead of arriving.

To do so they should; have boarding cards ready, remove laptops and other large electrical devices, place liquids in separate liquids bags, empty their pockets into the trays provided and take off their jacket or coat.