Top 10 unusual place names in North Somerset

Clevedon Pier.

Clevedon Pier. - Credit: Archant

The West Country is well known for its unusual place names – some of which hardly seem real. Here in North Somerset we have our fair share of strange-sounding street names, and here are a few which never fail to make us smile.

Mizzymead Lane, Nailsea.

This sounds like an lovely type of fizzy alcoholic beverage which should be drank in the summer – but as we all know it is actually where Nailsea School and the recreation ground are.

Poet’s Walk, Clevedon.

Another adorable name, but this time in Clevedon. This is probably the most romantic-sounding street in North Somerset, as well as being very quaint.

Washing Pound Lane, Tickenham.

This brilliant name immediately conjures the image of hordes of Victorian housewives hanging out their washing while yelling at the children playing the street. Of course, it is not like that at all it is a gorgeous, leafy country lane – but it still sounds fun.

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Six Ways, Clevedon.

This sounds like the most confusing street name for anyone who is new to the district – it certainly does not make for clear directions. It also serves as a reminder for the lovely but old-fashioned idiom ‘six ways to Sunday’, said often by grandparents across the country.

Nowhere Lane, Nailsea.

A positively delightful paradox – a lane which is actually nowhere. Simply brilliant.

Pit Lane, Backwell.

As a total contrast to the cute and romantic street names mentioned earlier, this is the opposite – a lane which sounds like a dirty hole in the ground. In reality it is a gorgeously green track which connects to a highly-recommended walking route.

Plunder Street, Cleeve.

This has made the top 10 simply because the word ‘plunder’ is great fun. It reminds everybody of pirates in a bygone age, taking on passing ships and taking what they can from the wreckage.

Urchin Wood Lane, Congresbury.

This street name sounds positively Dickensian, as though it belongs in Victorian London, perhaps outside an orphanage.

Zig Zag, Clevedon.

Another street name which sounds like it would cause havoc to a SatNav and would confuse out-of-towners if you told them you lived at this address.

Beggar Bush Lane, Long Ashton.

Is this the only lane in the world where beggars grow in the shrubbery?