5 wheelchair accessible North Somerset rambles

Portishead Marina.

Portishead Marina. - Credit: Archant

Explore the countryside via easy and accessible wheelchair routes all over North Somerset. We pick 5 of the best walks with wheelchairs - featuring sights worth seeing, good facilities, nearby parking and high standard of surface

(Clevedon Pier by Andrew Bennett under CC BY 2.0)

(Clevedon Pier by Andrew Bennett under CC BY 2.0) - Credit: Archant

Where? The Beach, Clevedon

Distance: 1 mile round, level, surfaced, 1 road to cross.

Look out for: The Grade I listed Clevedon Pier is obviously the main attraction on this route, but other sights along the way include the colourful Pier Copse floral displays, the Doulton Fountain on Alexandra Road, the Old Market Building and great sea views. En-route you’ll also find several cafes and good public toilets.

The route: Start your journey at the pier and follow The Beach with the sea to your right until just before Elton Road. Turn left here into Seavale Road. At the top of Seavale Road turn left into Alexandra Road and go back towards the pier.

(Leigh Woods by Matthew Sylvester under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

(Leigh Woods by Matthew Sylvester under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) - Credit: Archant

Where? Leigh Woods, Clifton

Distance: 2.5km, level paths, unsurfaced.

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Look out for: Leigh Woods are some of North Somerset’s most popular and the Purple Trail’s level paths make them very accessible to wheelchair users. The Purple Trail is 2.5km round and lets you enjoy beautiful forest, Leigh Wood’s celebrated sculptures, pretty ponds and an excellent designated viewpoint.

The route: Start at the main car park and the trail is well marked all the way.

(Grand Pier, Weston-super-Mare by Angus Meek/ Theo Jones under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

(Grand Pier, Weston-super-Mare by Angus Meek/ Theo Jones under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) - Credit: Archant

Where? Weston-Super-Mare Promenade

Distance: 1.5km, level, broad and traffic-free, surfaced.

Look out for: Few places in North Somerset say traditional seaside more clearly than Weston-Super-Mare promenade. And it’s a slice of good old-fashioned England we all get to enjoy. Wheelchair access to the beach, on The Grand Pier and along the promenade is well thought out, and the promenade route lets you see the main sights with ease.

The route: Start at The Grand Pier and follow the promenade along Royal Parade south towards Uphill. You have clear views of the beach and bay and the route takes you past Seaquarium and the Tropicana. Turn at the Tropicana and all the way back you have a spectacular panorama of The Grand Pier.

(Portishead Marina by Matt Buck under CC BY-SA 2.0)

(Portishead Marina by Matt Buck under CC BY-SA 2.0) - Credit: Archant

Where? Portishead Marina

Distance: 1.8km round, level, traffic-free, surfaced.

Look out for: Portishead Marina makes a great day out whether you’re fascinated by boats or not. The views are amazing - on a clear day you can see both Severn Bridges. There’s a great choice of bars, cafes and restaurants. And it has the type of lively atmosphere that comes naturally to all the best marinas. So there are few better places in Northern Somerset to take the air and the easy-going round route is very wheelchair friendly.

The route: Start at Bottelinos on the far south of the marina and simply follow the pathway round, along the way you’ll see dozens of sculptures that are part of the Portishead Public Art Project.

Where: Summer Lane Pond, Weston-Super-Mare

Distance: 1.7km, level, surfaced.

Look out for: Summer Lane Pond is about 10 minutes by car from the seafront at Weston-Super-Mare. It’s a favourite with local anglers and good for bird watching, look out for kingfishers.

The route: Start at the orientation board nest to the willow sculpture off Summer Lane and follow the path round the pond. The surfaced route continues until halfway round the opposite bank, double back to Summer Lane.

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